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Gippsland’s Marguerite Morgan has been selected for the new General Aviation Advisory Group, which will represent the Australian aircraft manufacturers to the Federal Government.

Mrs Morgan is the Business Development Manager for Aircraft Business for China, Europe and Oceania, at Mahindra Aerospace, which is based at Latrobe Valley Airport, near Traralgon.

The newly formed advisory group will report directly to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester and act as a reference group for the General Aviation Study being conducted by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.“Marguerite has a wealth of experience in aviation and her in-depth knowledge of the sector will enable her to provide advice on the best ways to strengthen the industry in Australia into the future,” Mr Chester said.

“I’m particularly pleased there is a strong Gippsland voice in the advisory group.”

Mrs Morgan, who was one of the founders of GippsAero, said her appointment to the advisory group was the culmination of a fulfilling and absorbing career in aviation.

“For me personally, this appointment is very important.  This is an opportunity for me to represent aircraft manufacturers and exporters to create a more level playing field,” Mrs Morgan said.

“Australia is an innovative country and we have the expertise here, but some costs are just too high for the local industry to be internationally competitive.”

The first formal meeting of the advisory group will take place in mid-March in Canberra.

Meanwhile, Mr Chester recently met with Mahindra Aerospace and is supporting the manufacturer in its attempts to get more government agencies to buy its craft.

Mr Chester has expressed concern that not enough government agencies in Australia were buying locally-manufactured aircraft, even though the aircraft was internationally
recognised and readily supported overseas.

“I will continue to work with my colleagues and advocate the need for government agencies to shop locally and support Australian companies at every opportunity,” Mr Chester said.

“Whether it be buying Australian-made paper or buying Australian-made aircraft, it’s something Australian governments at all levels need to get better at.”

Mr Chester has contacted his parliamentary colleagues to promote awareness of the multi-role GA8 Airvan and asked that the local craft be considered for purchase by government departments.

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